Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is essential for communicating the unique value a business provides, telling the story behind a business, and making a business easily distinguishable from competitors. Through storytelling, language brainstorming and analysis, and visual branding, DNEP's brand identity teams work to highlight the unique stories behind each business to increase customer and stakeholder investment.

Services offered include:

  • Developing a Brand Guide (logo, fonts, colors)
  • Creating Promotional Narrative Videos
  • Designing Promotional Posters
  • (Re)Designing Logos
  • Establishing Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Website Design & Implementation

    See Examples of Past Work


    Visual Identity & Logo Design

    Branding Assets for Mami Wata and byNefertiti

    Nefertiti, owner of the salon Textures by Nefertiti, used the pandemic to develop a hair care product line for kinky curly hair inspired by the West African water spirit, Mami Wata. The question was - how to relate the new product line to the salon, while also establishing Nefertiti’s personal brand.
    Download the Mami Wata & byNefertiti Branding Guide
    Farmacy Food

    Storytelling through Video

    The Origin Story of Farmacy Food

    Farmacy Food is a health-focused, meal plan delivery service. Kwaku wanted to integrate the new branding guide into Farmacy Food’s website and create a narrative video to communicate Farmacy Food’s origin story to potential clients and investors.
    Watch Farmacy Food's Narrative Video
    Detroit Soul Food Poster

    Historical Context & Graphic Design

    Historical Posters for Detroit Soul

    Detroit Soul is a soul food restaurant owned by brothers Jerome Brown and Sam Van Buren. As they launched their second location, they wanted to showcase the historical foundations of soul food and what inspired them to open Detroit Soul.
    Read the Soul in Soul Food

    Website Redesign & Implementation

    A Website Worthy of Bags to Butterflies

    Bags to Butterflies (BtB) creates one of a kind statement handbags and accessories built by formerly incarcerated women. Michelle wanted to rebrand Bags to Butterflies so the visual identity could better express the unique eclectic style of the products and launch a product centric website.
    See Bags to Butterflies' New Website