Customer Retention

Even though attracting new customers is vital to growth, the quickest way to build revenue is through existing customers. The customer retention team focuses on automating marketing strategies that bring existing customers back time and time again. 

Services offered include:

  • Calculating the lifetime value of your current customers
  • Analyzing customer spending patterns based on transaction data 
  • Segmenting customers and identifying highest-value customers
  • Bundling services and designing pricing packages
  • Creating referral and customer loyalty programs 
  • Automating email marketing campaigns
  • Designing social media marketing materials

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Felicia Maxwell_DNEP Client Profile Picture

Bundling Services

Fit4Life Pricing Bundles

Fit4Life is a holistic wellness brand whose revenues have struggled to recover since the pandemic. After analyzing the purchasing habits of Felicia’s most valuable customers, the +ISLB team rebuilt the Fit4Life service packages to give away low profit services (e.g. open gym and virtual classes) as an incentive to recruit and retain personal training clients.
See Fit4Life's Pricing Bundles
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Menu Optimization

Sister Pie Pricing Model

Sister Pie is a gourmet bakery in West Village that has committed to paying its employees a liveable wage. Lisa asked for a pricing strategy that would remain competitive in her market, while also supporting Sister Pie's higher cost structure.
Download Sister Pie's Pricing Model Comparison