Point of Sale Optimization

Point of sales systems (POS), inventory management systems, and other software subscriptions are essential to running your business’ everyday operations. However, picking the right technology bundle is tricky and time-consuming, and oftentimes, it is difficult to figure out the true cost of a POS system. Consequently, small business owners end up overpaying and underutilizing software features, as well as trying to navigate a complex system of various softwares. DNEP’s POS/Tech Optimization Team focuses on helping business owners select a POS system that best fits their business needs, understand what each POS service offers, and use additional softwares and add-on features most efficiently.

Services offered include:

  • Recommending the most appropriate POS system
  • Creating a pricing breakdown that helps business owners understand the true cost of each POS system
  • Designing a technology bundle that helps businesses cut down on unnecessary fees 
  • Integrating the POS system with other softwares to increase efficiency and track up-to-date data to make real-time decisions

See Examples of Past Work

Felicia Maxwell_DNEP Client Profile Picture

Choosing the Right POS System


Fit4Life is a holistic fitness and wellness service provider. Felicia needed a Point of Sale system that could sync with the Cash App (her clients’ preferred method of payment) and allow for online scheduling.
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Raeshawn Bumpers, Pink Poodle Dress Lounge Owner

Converting POS systems

Pink Poodle Dress Lounge

Raeshawn Bumpers wanted to explore upgrading to a POS system that could track her wedding dress inventory more effectively, while also implementing a more efficient payment plan for her large bridal orders. To ensure a smooth transition to Bridal Live, the POS audited and uploaded her inventory, as well as cleaned and converted her customer contacts.
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Sister Pie Picture

Consolidating Technology

Sister Pie

Sister Pie was using seven isolated apps managing elements of its business. By upgrading Square and integrating it into Quickbooks, the POS team eliminated two monthly subscriptions, gave Lisa a single point of real time data, and saved roughly $3k annually in transaction fees.
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Congregation Coffee Shop

Integrating Inventory Management

The Congregation Detroit

After analyzing Congregation Detroit's sales data, the point of sale team recommended that the company move its inventory management to the Clover system, and subscribe to a built-in Stock app to fully digitize its inventory management system. This $19.99/month investment will save the business owners 5 hours a week managing inventory, and hundreds of dollars annually though streamlined, standardized, and accurate vendor orders.