3 Ways to Get Involved:

Chuggas bakery owners with DNEP students standing next to product display

1) Take DNEP Classes

Gain firsthand experience partnering with Detroit entrepreneurs through DNEP's Action-Based learning courses. DNEP Classes are open to undergrad and graduate students and are offered during the fall/winter semester depending on the class.
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2) Participate in DNEP Programs

DNEP's summer Impact Studio, Free Accounting, and Community TechWorkers programs provide opportunities for students with a variety of backgrounds to engage with Detroit based entrepreneurs. See the Application Information section below for more details.
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Ross +Impact Studio

3) Work with DNEP

DNEP hires U-M students as research assistants throughout the school year to help sustain our programs. These positions work directly with the Program Director and Program Manager, and indirectly with DNEP clients. See below for more details.

Application Information

  • NOW HIRING FOR THE 2024 SUMMER PROGRAM. Learn more and apply here

    Job Description: 

    The Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business (DNEP) runs a summer internship program, known as +Impact Studio for Local Business. This is a paid, full-time, in-person internship program that involves working in multidisciplinary teams to implement solutions for a portfolio of Detroit minority-owned businesses.

    Interns will be assigned to teams who develop expertise in key service areas by implementing the recommendations of prior University of Michigan student teams in a client-professional relationship. Interns are supervised by faculty and staff with business, design, and legal backgrounds. Learn more about the service areas here

    Educational Value:  Interns will also gain specialized technical skills based on the team they join. Interns will also build a set of consulting skills that are useful to multiple contexts, including working in multidisciplinary teams, cross-cultural communication, data analysis, client management, and the ability to rapidly pivot in response to changed circumstances or new data. This program offers extensive professional development training and the use of established anti-racism/community engagement strategies.

    Eligibility: This position is open to current sophomores or juniors at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, Ross School of Business, the Stamps School of Art & Design, or School of Information. You must be able to work in-person at the Ross School of Business Monday-Friday from 9:30-4:30 pm (35 hours/week). You must be eligible to do paid work in the United States over the summer term.

    Location:  Ross School of Business, +Impact Studio (with some site visits to Detroit to meet with clients; carpooling or mileage reimbursement is provided)

    NOW HIRING FOR 2024. Learn more and apply here

    DNEP Free Accounting (formerly Free Accounting Fridays) is a collaboration between the University of Michigan’s Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP) and Business+Impact at the Ross School of Business. DNEP Free Accounting hires U-M students with experience in accounting and financial analysis to work as student consultants throughout the year. 

    Timing: Fall, winter, and summer semesters 

    Spots Available: 2 or 3 per year

    Qualifications: MAcc (Masters of Accounting) Students preferred

    Application Process: Read the full job description and application process here


    Timing: July 2022- May 2023

    Spots Available: None at this time


    Research Assistants are part-time paid student positions that support the running of DNEP and the Center for Finance Law & Policy in a variety of roles. 

    Timing: Fall & Spring Semesters

    Spots Available: Two to four per year

    Qualifications: DNEP commonly recruits policy, business, law, design, and/ or LSA students based on the needs of the program in any given semester. 

    Application: Listings are posted on Simplicity at the respective UofM schools, typically in late August and early January.

Hear from Past Students

Grace Aretakis
Ross School of Business

Grace Aretakis

"I'm more excited than ever to pursue a career in consulting and feel well-equipped to begin the process of searching for future roles. This internship has taught me how to work collaboratively with a team, communicate effectively with a client, and look at solving problems in creative ways."
Allison Wei
Ross School of Business

Allison Wei

"Interning with DNEP has been such an amazing experience. In interdisciplinary teams, not only was I constantly learning from my peers, but I also learned so much from the clients we worked with. Especially as a business student, seeing my clients prioritize community impact and the triple bottom line in their business was such an inspiring example to me of social impact into action. The fact that we were able to not just make recommendations but implement them and see them to the finish line has been extremely rewarding."
Sarah Pisarczyk
STAMPS School of Art and Design

Sarah Pisarczyk

"Collaborating on interdisciplinary teams of students and doing such impactful work for the small business owners of Detroit was an experience that made me a better designer, community member, and prepared me to enter the job market more confidently. I appreciate the trust you put in all of us to do this work. It means everything to be taken seriously, trusted with real clients, and see the fruits of your labor."
Noelle Seward
Ford School of Public Policy

Noelle Seward

"The most exciting part for me, a student at the Ford School, is looking at the big picture goals of each business. We work with the business owners to investigate how their story informs their products and brand identity, and then together develop a strategic plan toward achieving those goals, turning a profit, and maintaining a smooth flow of operations."
Ford School of Public Policy

Reid Diamond

"The entire summer with the +Impact Studio for Local Business was a lesson in the value of interdisciplinary work. As a Ford student without much initial business acumen, I learned a lot from my Ross peers throughout the process and I grew capable of helping in the technical work as the summer progressed. Anyone who is considering a career in consulting, or is interested in solving some of the most pressing issues of small businesses should seriously consider this internship."
Ross School of Business

Selena Grover

"Working with the +Impact Studio this summer has been especially rewarding because I have been able to see a project grow from a seed of an idea to a flushed out final deliverable that really has the power to affect so many people positively. We were able to dig out what was top of mind for business owners to truly best address their needs."