Client Spotlight: Black Girl MATHgic

February 27, 2023

Brittany is the owner of Black Girl MATHgic, a math subscription box company that aims to decrease math anxiety for girls and empower them to embrace their math abilities. Brittany founded Black Girl MATHgic in 2018 after witnessing math anxiety in her students firsthand as a math tutor. Since then, she’s shipped over 5,000 math subscription boxes, helping hundreds of children gain math confidence. 

Currently, Brittany is working with two DNEP student teams to take Black Girl MATHgic to the next level: (1) In MKT 313: Consumer Behavior, students are conducting market research and surveying current customers to get input about Black Girl MATHgic’s current subscription boxes and (2) in BA 453: Capstone MAP, students are working to develop a go-to-market strategy to help Black Girl MATHgic establish formal B2B partnerships with schools and educators. 

Brittany says her experience working with students through DNEP has been very positive so far. “It’s been so great to have not just one, but two, groups of students who are so intelligent and have fresh ideas to lay some fresh eyes on our business issues and needs and help us think about things we haven’t talked about.” 

As the students wrap up their projects with Black Girl MATHgic in the coming months, Brittany looks at the future with hope: “Every business comes with some level of ambiguity that’s hard to navigate…having DNEP and having the students work in this project will really help us get clarity on a clear path forward and timeline. It’s a huge relief for me.”

This article was written by Allison Wei (Ross '25).