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Chris Mueller

Business Strategy

Chris Mueller is a Lecturer in Business Administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. His research and professional practice focus on the application of market driven strategies to accomplish social benefit. Chris leads the Capstone Multidisciplinary Action Project (CMAP) for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Management (MM) programs, along with teaching course on Business & Society and advising the Living Business Leadership Experience.

Chris is also the President and CEO of Second Story Homes, a social enterprise investing in Detroit's residential revitalization. Chris’ five year market study of Detroit’s 201 residential neighborhoods identifies which neighborhoods are sustainable via private investment and which can/ should be prioritized for philanthropic investment.

Prior to founding Second Story Homes and teaching at the Ross School of Business, Chris was a Principal at the Innovatrium, where he consulted incumbent multinational corporations and institutional non-profit organizations on diversifying and/ or inventing new business models for the 21st century.

Chris holds dual master’s degrees from the University of Michigan, including a Master of Public Policy from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and a Master of Business Administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.