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In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners told us that they needed on-demand resources that they could access 24/7 to help them resolve key issues facing their businesses. We created an internship program, the DNEP +Impact Studio for Local Business, to do just that. What follows is a list of free images, videos, calculators, and guides that anyone can download for free any time. Please credit the University of Michigan +Impact Studio for Local Business if using them in a presentation.

Featured Digital Resources:


DIY Business Guide

A collection of the best digital resources for small business owners, organized by topic. Written in a how-to format, this guide covers everything from establishing a brand to selling online to POS systems and even more.
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Video Tutorials

In the wake of COVID19, the +Impact Studio for Local Businesses created a curated playlist of videos to address common struggles/questions small business owners faced during the pandemic. Videos cover everything from how to set prices on goods to increasing customer engagement, among others.
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How-to Guides: Restaurant Industry

In 2021, Ross' +Impact Studio created a library of WikiHows (How-to guides) to assist entrepreneurs creating new enterprises and adapting existing ones to the challenges created by the pandemic. From Wikihows on how to open a restaurant with no money to how to train and retain skilled employees, explore over 40+ Wikihows on capital, distribution, labor, organizations, and supply.
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How to Guides: Green Energy Transition

With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, entrepreneurs have more funding than ever for green energy. In light of this, in 2023, Ross' +Impact Studio created a library of how-to guides (Wikihows) for Detroit entrepreneurs to capitalize on this green energy opportunity. From Wikihows on to transition your business to greener energy sources or how to start your own green energy business, explore over 20+ Wikihows on the green energy transition.
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Industry specific help:

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